I'm having issues integrating with HelpScout Beacon 1.0

If you use HelpScout, then integrating it into your HelpShelf widget is straight forward (please see our HelpScout setup guide).

However, there are two versions of HelpScout Beacons - 1.0 and 2.0.

1.0 is their old framework and is not supported by HelpShelf. If you have tried to integrate your HelpScout Beacon into HelpShelf and its either not working or you are seeing errors in the Browser Console, then chances are you are currently using HelpScout Beacons 1.0.

The solution here is to create a new Beacon in HelpScout. Doing this should automatically create a 2.0 Beacon (which we fully support). If you are unsure whether you have created a 2.0 Beacon or not, we recommend that you reach out to HelpScout directly.

You might also want to refer to HelpScout's documentation on Beacon 2.0.

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