Setting up custom callbacks for your HelpDesk provider

If you need to setup a Callback event for your HelpDesk provider (i.e. such as when the Chat widget is closed or opened, then this can be achieved by adding a "callbacks" item to your helpShelfSettings object.

When initialising the HelpShelf script, simply add a "callback" item to the helpShelfSettings object, as shown below.

window.helpShelfSettings = {
"siteKey": "xxxxxxx",
"callbacks": {
onChatClosed: function() {
// Do something special here

Please note that the name of the Callback (onChatClosed in the example above) must match the name of a valid callback as defined by the Helpdesk provider.

For example, if you are using Customerly as your Helpdesk provider, then they have a callback called onChatClosed (as described here), as such registering a callback with that name will work. Whereas, Intercom may not have a callback by that name. You must therefore make sure to refer to the Helpdesk providers documentation to establish which callbacks are actually available.

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