Integrating LiveAgent (Content)

To integrate LiveAgent as a content provider (to enable you to make its content available within your HelpShelf widget) you will need to set the API Key and Subdomain.

Locating your Subdomain

The subdomain, is the part in the URL before So if you access your LiveAgent portal via, your subdomain should simply be helpshelf.

What if I have a custom domain setup with LiveAgent?

No worries! Please continue to enter your standard LiveAgent sub domain (as explained above). The links associated with each piece of content we sync from LiveAgent will use the custom domain, not the one you have entered when configuring HelpShelf.

What if I have a Self Hosted version of LiveAgent?

OK now you're just being a clever clogs! But no worries, we have you covered. First, you will need to login to your LiveAgent dashboard and head to the API area (which is located at Configuration > Settings > API). On this page, your API URL should be shown. It will look something like Simply copy this URL exactly into the sub domain field when configuring HelpShelf.

Locating your API Key

Once logged into your Agent dashboard within LiveAgent, we can locate the API Key by heading to Configuration > Settings > API. First, click the configuration icon (which can be found on the left hand side, near the bottom). As seen below:

Next, click the system menu item - see below:

Next, click the API option:

You will now be taken to the API settings screen. Please note that there is an API key listed here, but this is the wrong key. We need the v1 (version 1) API key. This can be found by pressing the Settings for API v1 link, as shown in the screenshot below.

And finally, you will be shown your v1 API key (as highlighted in the screenshot below).

Copy this code and enter that into your HelpShelf setup form in the API Key field.

You should now be setup :)

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