Integrating Quriobot (HelpDesk)

To integrate Quriobot as a helpdesk provider (to enable you to provide ticketing and chat capabilities within your HelpShelf widget) you will need to set the App ID and a Widget ID.

Locating your App ID and Widget ID

Both of these ID's can be easily located simply by referring to the URL in your browser. First though, you will need to login to your Quriobot account. To do this, head to

Once logged in, you now need to decide which of your Quriobot widgets you want to to appear when your users press the Contact button inside your HelpShelf widget. From the dashboard page (see screenshot below) you should see a list of the bots you have already created. Simply click into the bot you want to integrate into HelpShelf.

If you haven't created a bot yet, you will first need to create it by clicking the "New" button (which is also shown in the screenshot below).

Now, on the page that loads, take note of the URL. In our case, it is the following:

This URL contains both the App ID and Widget ID that we need. The first part in the URL that we have highlighted above is the App ID and the second part that we've highlighted is the Widget ID. So in our case, our App ID is DYRAQrG71yrW05dx and our Widget ID is zGgLNrK7NXrqRAoJ.

Copy these ID's and enter them into your HelpShelf setup form in the App ID and Widget ID fields respectably.

You should now be setup :)


Please don't forget to remove the original Javascript code you installed on your site for this provider. HelpShelf automatically loads this for you so you don't need to load it manually yourself as well. Doing so will cause issues. If you passed custom settings or user properties to this provider via the original Javascript code and you are not sure whether they will be carried through to your HelpShelf setup, then please contact us.

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